There’s a devil in the doorway and he’s not happy. As you enter Notre-Dame Cathedral in Dijon France, make sure you walk to the doorpost in the center of the large front doors. You will see the visage of the devil carved into the stone lintel. He looks toward the east window over the altar. His angry crumpled face is squinting as if he want to look away. He faces the large stained glass window…

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Hole of Sorrows, Co. Clare, Ireland

August 17, 2015

Are you looking for a door to the Celtic Otherworld? The Burren in Co. Clare Ireland is a strange landscape that seems more like the surface of another planet than a region in Ireland. The eerie backdrop is enhanced by a visit to the Poulnaborne Dolmen. A Neolithic tomb that dates back thousands of years, the Poulnaborne (Hole of Sorrows in Gaelic) is one of the finest examples of a portal tomb in Ireland. Originally…

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Jail Hotel, Luzern Switzerland

August 4, 2015

Think about it. You get to pay to spend a night in the slammer. In 1862 a prison was built in the center of the dreamy town of Luzern Switzerland. Over the next 125 years, the jailhouse housed murders, thieves, and other unsavory types. After closing down for a few years, the jail was converted into a hotel in 1999. There are 56 rooms available including rooms that are almost identical to their original prison functionality….

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Notes from the Valley – A Spiritual Travelogue through Cancer

July 7, 2015

The night Andy talked to me about his death will always be one that stands out in my memories. Andy McQuitty is both my friend and pastor. He invited me to talk with him only weeks after receiving a grim medical diagnosis. He had Stage IV colon cancer with an 8% chance of survival. To most, this news would crumble all hope, yet Andy was as calm as I had ever seen him. Throughout the…

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Necromance, Los Angeles California

July 6, 2015

Not just for the dead. Since 1990, Necromance has become Hollywood’s premiere curiosities shop. If you are in the market for articulated skeletons, unique taxidermy, antique medical equipment, curios, avant-garde science art, creepy photography and all around oddity wonderments, Necromance is for you. The way the display their goods is half the fun.  Someone has an art/ museum sensibility that keeps the space feeling more like a gallery than a store. If you happen to…

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Giant Hawaiian Shirt, Kauai Hawaii

June 29, 2015

Check out this size 32X shirt. While heading to Kaua’i’s Waimea Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, we drove into the town of Kekaha to take the old Kokee Rd into the park.  Right before we turned on Kokee Rd we spotted a tourist shop that had an item that set this store apart from all other tourist shop.  Hanging on the outside of the shop was the largest Hawaiian shirt in existence.  I…

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Harry Potter Graffiti, Edinburgh Scotland

June 26, 2015

Accio Graffitas. In Old Edinburgh, at the ever popular Elephant House café, is a hidden secret every Harry Potter fan should know about when visiting Scotland. The Elephant House has grown in popularity because of its claim to fame: this is the supposed spot J.K. Rowling wrote a significant portion of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Though not completely true, J.K. Rowling did spend a lot of time writing in this coffee shop.  When…