Man’s best friend is faithful beyond the grave. John Gray worked as a night watchman for the Edinburgh police in the 19th century. His faithful Skye terrier, Bobby, accompanied Gray on his rounds for two years. The pair was inseparable. In 1858, John Gray died and was buried in Greyfriar’s Kirkyard in Old Town Edinburgh. The story is told that for the next 14 years, Bobby spent most of his time sitting on his master’s…

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My First House of Horrors: A Halloween Treat

October 31, 2014

As consistent as the changing of the seasons, Spanky’s Fun Carnival arrived at the end of every October. For the kids of River Vale, NJ, the traveling carnival was the official opening ceremoney holiday season. Magic was in the air and we breathed it in deeply. Three days before the carnival opened, gangs of children, on our way to and from school, stopped to stare at brawny lumberjack men building amusement rides. Our hearts raced…

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Unicorn Skull: Shawn’s Office Oddities

October 30, 2014

I do believe in unicorns. I started my personal oddities collection while walking through a giant flea market.  I knew I wanted to begin collecting oddities but I did not know how to start or what kind of oddities I wanted to focus on.  Oddities genres are numerous:  quack medical equipment, taxidermy, occult items, religious items, circus or sideshow paraphernalia. As I walked into the flea market that day I turned to my wife and…

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Beer Can Garden, Fort Worth Texas

October 29, 2014

So Old Milwaukee Light is good for something. Louis Torres does not really consider himself a go-getter. He likes to spend most of his nights hanging out with a few friends in his lawn while drinking his two favorite beers, Miller Lite and Milwaukee’s Best Lite. But as the baby blue cans turned into a large pile in the corner of his lawn he got inspired.  Usually that cans were sacked and sent of to the…

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The Vulcan, Birmingham Alabama

October 27, 2014

One last look at the back of the giant Vulcan and you will know he is as mighty as the moon. The legend of the Vulcan has been around as long as anyone in town can remember. In ages past, Vulcan dwelt on Olympus but he felt crowded by the overabundance of gods and he came to Birmingham. He first appeared during the St. Louis World Fair in 1904. He came to represent the citizens…

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Hotel Post, Imst, Austria

October 26, 2014

How often do you get to rest your head in a real castle? The 15th century Castle Schloss Sprenenstein was the idyllic residence for its original patrons. This luxurious home for Austrian aristocracy became a hot spot for a couple hundred years. Eventually, it was converted into a stagecoach station and post office.  Today you have the opportunity to stay at the 4-star castle Hotel Post for a reasonable price. With the Otztal Alps at…

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The Star Wars Pedi-Cab, Austin Texas

October 24, 2014

If you need a pedicab ride through the streets of Austin why not do it Sith-Lord style? If you happen to be lucky enough to visit downtown Austin, be on the look out for one of the best travel curiosity pedicab rides in the universe.  Star Wars fanatic Lee Nash decided it was time to create a ride that summoned nerds across Austin (and the rest of the galaxy). Here is your opportunity to ride on the back…